Sunday, 30 December 2012

Photos of Market

A few weeks ago I had a stall in an arts and craft market in Sleaford,
I thought I'd share a few photos of the stall that I shared with another student on the MA Design course.

If you are interested in some of the pieces that were on display then get in touch at
Thanks for looking





Development Work

Here are a few photos of some work I've been working on at the moment- this is a rough idea of what the finished piece might look like. It is currently the Christmas period so I have been working from home as I have been unable to work in the print room so this piece is currently painting in acrylic paint with collage elements. However I am hoping to complete this piece in a combination of etchings, screen prints and lino prints.

Here are the photos for now,
Let me know your thoughts



Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Market

Hi Everyone! Just thought I'd let you know that I am involved in a Christmas Market on Saturday 15th December in Sleaford at the national centre for craft and design, if you are free and need some gifts for Christmas presents then you should come along.
Below is the leaflet for the Christmas Market, I will be selling a collection of screen prints, lino prints and etching- hope you can make it. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Even more work in Progress and Experiments

At the moment I am developing illustrations for a story called 'an old woman who lived in a vinegar bottle', while ideas are flowing I am currently toying with pushing the boundaries of printmaking, in my third year work I created pieces with lino, screen print and etchings, however now I feel I am ready to push this even more and while studying on a masters course feel confident in doing this.

For this piece I want to create a hybrid with different print making processes and see if the result is successful, I am also looking into found objects and their aesthetic , great artists such as Joe Tilson and Robert Rauschenberg are inspiring sources of material at the moment as they both explored this.

Here is a few pages of my sketchbook of work in progress- hopefully after Christmas I will be able to get into the print room and finalise these ideas and initial thoughts into a final printed piece, whether that be a 3D object with printed elements or a 2D print.

I am just reading a book called 'Printmaking handbook- Installations and experimental printmaking', I am finding it very interesting and am currently looking into different non ink materials that can be used in the print making process; for example Peter Blake has used diamond power, Finlay Taylor has used flocking and dead butterflies and Kelly has used dark and white chocolate instead of ink for silkscreen.
For now it is just an idea but I am considering trying to develop tactile results with prints, whether that be the material I print with - for example sand etc or the material I print on- wood for example...
Here are a few images of Joe Tilson and Robert Rauschenbergs work- Enjoy

Robert Rauchenberg
Joe Tilson
Joe Tilson  

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Work in Progress

Thought I'd share what I've been drawing today... this is what I have so far, I am currently developing illustrations around a story from 'the virago book of fairy tales' called ' the old woman who lived in a vinegar bottle'.

The story is a fun and bizarre one, rich with imagery - it is about an old woman who lives in a vinegar bottle until one day a fairy comes along and grants her a few wishes to live where ever she desires, however the old women gets greedy and is ungrateful for what the fairy does for her..... ending the old women up back in the vinegar bottle.

The design around this drawing is in the style of a vinegar bottle label and central to this is the character of the old women with a body shaped as a vinegar bottle

This is my rough idea so far, if you have any thoughts or suggestions then leave a comment

Thanks for looking

Monday, 26 November 2012


Thought I'd share this exhibition that I visited at the weekend called 'Kafou' at Nottingham Contemporary.

The exhibition has a collection of paintings, sculptures and sequin flags of Haitian art. I thought this exhibition would be relevant to what I am currently researching with the imagery and visual language of folk art- the exhibition is a celebration of 'naive', 'self- taught' art, which has a link to folk.

As discussed in my previous post I also have an interest in fairy tales and the magical potential in the stories. The Kafou exhibition shows how Haitian art is inspired by vodou and spiritual beliefs; vodou has aspects of Catholicism, Islam, European folklore and freemasonary. The different pieces in the show had a story too them and had a richness and charm.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Virgo book of Fairy Tales

After a tutorial I had yesterday I have been advised to begin to develop my illustration work around a narrative; at the moment I am studying a Masters in Design at Lincoln University and I am currently interesting with the idea of fairy tales.
Fairy tales originally had an oral tradition and were not explicitly for children, the tales were layered with meaning such as stories of warnings, others were didactic and moral absorbed by motifs from Greek and Roman myths. However, mostly the tales were about beliefs and superstitions. The tales acted as a mode of entertainment for the common people and brought communities together to listen to these great, bizarre and wondrous stories.
The introduction of the printing press in the 15th century brought a revolutionary change in the way tales were transmitted and they developed into a new genre of literary fairy tales that began to form its own conventions of the time of being altered for a reading public. 
I am currently reading a book edited by Angela Carter called 'The Virago Book of Fairy Tales', Angela Carter was an English novelist and journalist, known for her feminist, magical realism, and picaresque works.
The book is a collection of different short tales from around the world, which I think show a dark and light side to life.
There is one story in particular that stands out for me which I find witty, humours and engaging and hopfully I can make some interesting and unquie illustrations with. I will start designing and sketching and update the blog to share my thoughts as soon as I can .
For now, below is a picture of the book,
Thanks for reading.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Lincoln Doors

This is my A1 three coloured screen print. This print was technically difficult with the long thin physically of it, I found it difficult to get the pressure accurate. However I'm pleased with the overall look of the print and the text and imagery work well together especially in a long line.
The imagery I’ve used is the subject of Victorian doors; I wanted to illustrate these fantastic and unique doors to portray a personality. All these doors are drawn from existing doors round the Uphill area of Lincoln. I love the Victoria architecture and wanted to celebrate and embrace that with this piece.

These are the photos I've taken in the print room, I will scan in one of prints so you can see the detail better.
Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Work in progress.....




There are a few rough and developing sketches that I am working on at the moment, I have been given the opportunity to work on Lincoln Christmas Market, this is the reasoning behind the illustrations of the cathedral. Thinking of using lino prints manly for these ideas and screen prints. Hopefully get theses finalised and printed soon; as always let me know your thoughts and suggestions, thanks

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Home Grown

As previously posted piece 'home grown' now with added leaves

Thanks for looking

Friday, 7 September 2012

'Home Grown'

This artwork is for a family member, which is inspired by the saying 'home grown'. I wanted the colours to be warm and inviting, I might work a little bit more on it but here it is so far..

This piece started out as a pen and ink drawing on many different pieces of A4 paper and assembled on photoshop.

I've been using photoshop to create my work a lot this summer since finishing university in June, now I have been accepted onto a master’s course for Design starting in the middle of September. I am hoping that my better understanding in digital image manipulation will help me in further projects throughout the next two years, especially when approaching screen printing and to experiment with composition.

Thanks for looking 


Monday, 13 August 2012

Photos of Artwork

If you would like this set of artwork please contact me at, we can talk about colour schemes if you would like to change these slightly to be more in keeping with your surroundings.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

To complete the set

This is my final house for my series of houses I've created, re thinking the bluey green colour and might add a bit more texture, here it is so far

Thanks for looking

Monday, 6 August 2012

Development work

This is this another house drawing which I've coloured in on photoshop, I've used a slightly paler palette for this piece than the previous and used different textures so there is a variation between the two pieces, however I think they still have many similarities so they sit well as a set

Thanks for looking, comments welcome

Friday, 3 August 2012

Development work

This is what I have so far, still need to define a few lines, but though I'd share what I have so far, please let me know what you think about the colour combination


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Work in Progress

This idea is based around houses and buildings, one of my family members wanted some artwork creating for their home, this is what I have so far

The three houses will be framed separately and presented in row, I wanted the houses to all line up so that is why I included the washing lines

These pieces will be coloured on photo shop and maybe developed into screen prints

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Final Piece for London Olympics Idea

This is my final piece for the previously posted idea based around the London Olympics,

The reason behind the chosen colours in this piece is a reflection of the colours used for the Olympic rings 

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome

Monday, 23 July 2012

Olympic Idea- Work in Progress

This is a drawing for another idea based on the London Olympics, with this piece I am combining the ancient Greek Olympics with modern day; by incorporating typical ancient patterns, the stylised horse and houses with the trophy and the modern day man.

Thinking about finishing the piece off in photoshop again as I have had some good reviews from the previous piece
Thanks for looking

Monday, 16 July 2012

London Olympics Development

Hi again!

I have developed my London idea by adding colour and textures on photoshop, I wanted to include old maps on London and give the art work a vintage look

I've combined lino textures into this piece which I think gives it a hand made quality, however I'm not sure whether they are too dark and dull the work down?

Hopefully I will develop this image farther by creating a screen print for it, so watch this space!

If anyone has any suggestions please comment, thanks for looking!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

London Olympics

At the minute I'm just thinking around the idea of the London Olympics which are coming up and thought it would be fun and appropriate for an illustration,

At the moment its just an idea in black ink, the concept is a royal guardsman running with the Olympic touch throughout London, with relevant imaginary in the illustration, such as significant London Buildings, the Olympics logo and bunting.

I'm in two minds with how to finish this, either screen print (which will take a few months to get back into the print room as I'm considering an MA in Design at Lincoln uni starting in middle of September) or digitally, where I can include maps/newspaper for the background and play around with colour and texture.

Well here is the idea, let me know if any one has any thoughts or comments,
I was thinking for colour scheme to have a rusty red, light cyan blue and goldie pale yellow.