Saturday, 14 July 2012

London Olympics

At the minute I'm just thinking around the idea of the London Olympics which are coming up and thought it would be fun and appropriate for an illustration,

At the moment its just an idea in black ink, the concept is a royal guardsman running with the Olympic touch throughout London, with relevant imaginary in the illustration, such as significant London Buildings, the Olympics logo and bunting.

I'm in two minds with how to finish this, either screen print (which will take a few months to get back into the print room as I'm considering an MA in Design at Lincoln uni starting in middle of September) or digitally, where I can include maps/newspaper for the background and play around with colour and texture.

Well here is the idea, let me know if any one has any thoughts or comments,
I was thinking for colour scheme to have a rusty red, light cyan blue and goldie pale yellow.

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