Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Work in Progress

Thought I'd share what I've been drawing today... this is what I have so far, I am currently developing illustrations around a story from 'the virago book of fairy tales' called ' the old woman who lived in a vinegar bottle'.

The story is a fun and bizarre one, rich with imagery - it is about an old woman who lives in a vinegar bottle until one day a fairy comes along and grants her a few wishes to live where ever she desires, however the old women gets greedy and is ungrateful for what the fairy does for her..... ending the old women up back in the vinegar bottle.

The design around this drawing is in the style of a vinegar bottle label and central to this is the character of the old women with a body shaped as a vinegar bottle

This is my rough idea so far, if you have any thoughts or suggestions then leave a comment

Thanks for looking

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