Friday, 15 March 2013

3D Bird- The Process

Thought I'd upload some photos taken in the process of my latest project. Below are some images taken from my camera phone while in the screen printing onto wood to create wooden characters.


Screen print on wood- first colour light green, this is the lightest colour so I printed this first as all the other colours will sit on top of it

Preparing second colour to be pulled with a squeegee and printed onto on the wood 

 Red ink successfully pulled

Now the print looks like this on the wooden surface- one more colour left to print

Brown colour now printed, left to dry on the drying rack

When prints are dry, I cut them out on a band saw machine

Print cut out

Looked at different ways of cutting the print out on the band saw
I also printed on paper, going to print a run of 10 on decent paper and hopefully get some sold.
Next I'm going to produce some little wooden screen printed stands that the characters can be glued onto to stand up straight..

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Coloured character

Looking at colours, these colours are what I'm thinking of using?

Bird Screen Print

Thought I'd share what I'm working on at the minute, the image above is going to be a three colour screen print on wood, I just wondered what everyone thought of the character, I'm hoping that the character will be able to stand up straight on its feet, if the print in successful then I'm hoping to also add some moving mechanism for the wings to move, we'll see how it goes
Thanks for looking
Comments welcome 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Paloma Valdivia

Thought I'd share an illustrator called Paloma Valdivia, she works in Spain with Children books, love her use of colour and texture

Check out her blog