Monday, 28 January 2013

David Hockney- Grimms Fairy Tales

Below are some examples of David Hockneys illustrations for the Grimms Fairy Tales in 1970, I find them extremly inspiring. David Hockney is an interesting artist for me to look at as his images in the Grimms Tales are some what independent of the story and can be stand alone images.

This is something I want to explore with my own work by bringing a new aspect to the story through my visual voice and making my own comment on it.

Here are a few scans of the book, hope you enjoy


Work in Progress- 'La Papessa'

This is a rough idea at the moment which I'd hoping to be produced with a combination of photo etching letter press and chine colle. The design is in a tarot card style which is commenting on the myth of Pope Joan, who is believed to be the first and only female pope.
This image is a response to a fairy tale I'm reading about an old woman who lives in a vinegar bottle, the old woman she gets granted various wishes from a fairy, however as she wishes to be pope; she ends up back in the vinegar bottle for being too greedy.
The pope crown is called a papal tiara and the word 'la papessa' is the feminine word for 'pope' in Italian.
The reasoning for a tarot card design is that to is believed to be the first records/ domination/ illustrations of Pope Joan.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Thought I'd share one of my latest purchases - 20 book collection of a Children's Encyclopedia, there's some detailed illustrations and photographs in them that I'm hoping to combine into my own work, here are some photos; the books take up quite a lot of space on my book shelves..


Etched Lino Experiments

Here are some experiments that I'm been doing this week in the print room; below are etched linos in caustic soda. I've had a few problems with the timings, but after my last two tests I think I've nearly cracked it. The caustic soda (and I mix wallpaper paste in with the solution as well) bites the lino and acts as an acid would in a traditional ecthing. I have also used stop out vanish and wax to act as a resist so the caustic soda does not react with the lino and prevents it getting etched. I was surprised with the results and am happy with the textures provided when printed. I find this process could add extra texture and interest to some of my lino cuts, now that I feel more confident with the process hopefully I'll be able to experiment more and have some more finished designs to present.... for now here are a few tests