Thursday, 6 December 2012

Even more work in Progress and Experiments

At the moment I am developing illustrations for a story called 'an old woman who lived in a vinegar bottle', while ideas are flowing I am currently toying with pushing the boundaries of printmaking, in my third year work I created pieces with lino, screen print and etchings, however now I feel I am ready to push this even more and while studying on a masters course feel confident in doing this.

For this piece I want to create a hybrid with different print making processes and see if the result is successful, I am also looking into found objects and their aesthetic , great artists such as Joe Tilson and Robert Rauschenberg are inspiring sources of material at the moment as they both explored this.

Here is a few pages of my sketchbook of work in progress- hopefully after Christmas I will be able to get into the print room and finalise these ideas and initial thoughts into a final printed piece, whether that be a 3D object with printed elements or a 2D print.

I am just reading a book called 'Printmaking handbook- Installations and experimental printmaking', I am finding it very interesting and am currently looking into different non ink materials that can be used in the print making process; for example Peter Blake has used diamond power, Finlay Taylor has used flocking and dead butterflies and Kelly has used dark and white chocolate instead of ink for silkscreen.
For now it is just an idea but I am considering trying to develop tactile results with prints, whether that be the material I print with - for example sand etc or the material I print on- wood for example...
Here are a few images of Joe Tilson and Robert Rauschenbergs work- Enjoy

Robert Rauchenberg
Joe Tilson
Joe Tilson  

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