Thursday, 18 September 2014

Stepping Beyond the Familiar

Hi Everyone,

Here's a sneak preview of  my book 'Stepping Beyond the Familiar'.

Stepping Beyond the Familiar captures my experiences whilst studying for a Masters in Design and Illustration. The writing is set in chronological order and encompasses the changes in my development as a postgraduate student. My 'MA journey' is highlighted through various diary- like entries and vignettes, which illustrate significant moments in time when experimenting with new media and approaches with my creative work.

Front Cover 

The book offers an insight into the trials, tribulations and successes of being a postgraduate design student.  One of the document’s aims is to comfort those students who are questioning themselves, their practice and how they define what they do within the creative industry, by showing them that they are not alone in these intense thoughts. The writing therefore highlights some of my achievements whilst studying for an MA, but also emphasises the struggles of postgraduate development, by exposing those moments of uncertainty and doubt when exploring something new and unknown.

Back Cover
The book specifically takes the reader on my journey towards creating my new and experimental work, which was inspired by the act of wandering in the environment. My new work encompasses my encounters and experiences that are both seen and heard along a walk in the countryside. The work illustrates animals and objects that were seen in a variety of places such as: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Doncaster Wildlife Park and Chatsworth House. Through visiting these places it provided me with the inspiration to create rich imagery, which aims to heighten people’s own experience of the world and encourage them to explore new places for themselves.

First inner page

Inspired by my surroundings, I incorporated my encounters, overheard conversations and snatches of dialogue heard along a journey. The conversations and dialogue in the work were documented by using a Dictaphone and a note book, which I carried around at all times. Through combining the senses of sight and sound into the work, it that provides the viewer with a more engaging, insightful and stimulating experience.

Double page spread

The narrative behind my creative work is solely directed from the my own experiences whist being outside and isn’t inspired by a pre-existing text. This approach has allowed for more freedom to self-publish and promote the work independently, which also breaks the conventions of the ‘traditional’ illustrator, who has a brief or a client to work with. The work is autonomous and self- directed, which raises questions around whether it is an illustration or a piece of art. This then bares questions around whether we need to ‘label’ ourselves to define what we do in contemporary art practice.

Book exhibited in MA Design Show

The book is currently exhibited in the MA Design Show for you to look through at your leisure. If you would like more information then don't hesitate to contact me at

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

MA Design Exhibition

Hello Everyone

Well the Private View for the MA Design Exhibition was a success! It was full of new friendly faces- all drinking wine and talking about Design.

I met lots of new and interesting people and got some lovely comments about my work. A big thank you to those who bought my work- I hope you all enjoy your new prints.

Here's some photos I took just before the show opened;

Here's how I displayed my work.
I'm so pleased with the frames, which were all done by Speed Frames in Lincoln. They are all white washed box frames, which I think act as a subtle backdrop against the busyness of the prints and gives the work a contemporary feel. The three pieces are priced individually at £70 unframed and £180 framed; they make a great bold statement in any space.

This little guy is called 'Horsey' and got lots of attention on the opening night, he's made out of MDF and is currently priced at £40.
I think he needs some friends to accompany him though so watch this space for more wooden creatures!

This paper pop up piece is titled 'Have you got any Polos?' and is inspired from the walks I used to go on as a child with my Nannan and Grandad in the countryside. We would always carry around a packet of polos with us and feed the horses with them, they used to love it when we walked by!
Safe to say that all the horses that lived near us had every minty breath!

Here's a photo of the gallery just before it was buzzing with people and got very warm indeed!
My work is on the far left; there's a great range of work displayed in the Show including illustration, stop motion animation, type design, pattern cutting, collaborative printmaking, graphic design and silversmithery.

The show is open Monday - Saturday, from 10am - 4pm and ends Saturday 27th September (my birthday) if your around then stop by and take a look.

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Lincoln MA Design Exhibition TONIGHT 6-9 pm

Hi Everyone

Its finally here! The MA Design and MA Fine Art Final Show has arrived!! The Private View opens tonight 6-9pm at the Lincoln Art, Architecture and Design East Building in the Project Space. Here's a map of where the building is, see no 12.

The Gallery Space is located next to the door entrance on the left, you can't miss it! MA Fine Art are exhibiting on the Ground Floor with their Show 'Carry On Regardless' and MA Design are on the Upper Floor with their exhibition ironically called 'Upstairs'.

More information on the Gallery Space visit here:

Look out for these posters below, which will be plastered all around  Lincoln.

The MA Design Exhibitors include:

Jessica Rawlings -

Jamie Slinn -

Tom Bishop -

Ross Hammond

Rachel Heir

Laura Green

Yikai XU

Can't wait for tonight, its going to be a great show, looking forward to seeing lots of faces there