Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer time and Summer Research

So the Summer is well and truly here and I have been making the most of all the warm weather we've been having by walking in different parts of Yorkshire and using what I see and observe on my travels in my illustration work.

I am inspired by the theory of psychogeography, which was first developed by the Parisian radical group the ‘Situationist Inernational’ in the 1950’s. The key figure of the movement was Guy Debord who defined psychogeography in 1958 as, ‘The study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals’ (Debord 1981, p.5).

The Situationist’s developed the notion of the derive, which is known as the movement through the streets of the city in a manner that offered the opportunities of random direction, while also having enough sense of purpose to avoid the automatism of pure chance.

With this new interest in mind, I have a few sketches and drawings to share, while I continually collect research, material and data for my next pieces of work. 

These drawings were taken while on my journeys and might be used in a map format, the different  drawings where taken from:
  • YSP
  • Chatsworth House
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • York






By considering the journey itself, I have the opportunity to develop my illustrations through observing the environment, giving me the opportunity to explore tourist locations and illustrate, informative, quirky and personal map for commercial publications. There are also additional opportunities to experiment with installation work for exhibitions, to develop story books, post cards, large painting and prints and so on. 

Next I will revisit some of the locations I have been too, which then makes connections to space and place, as well as time.

I will also be walking around places of nostalgia to me and see how I respond to these different places.


Debord, G. (1981) Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography, in Ken Knabb (ed.), Situationist International Anthology, Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, pp. 5-80.

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