Monday, 11 February 2013

Photo Etchings

Below are a few prints from a photo etching I recently did- I find this process very rewarding, I've been experimenting with different ways to make marks recently and photo etching is a great way for me to produce this. I like how I can combine many different elements in a photo etching i.e. hand drawn elements, photographs, textures for prints etc...

The piece was inspired from the story about a woman who lived in a vinegar bottle, I have illustrated the part in the story when the woman wanted to be queen. Through research I found that there was similarities with this character in the story with Mary 1 Queen of England (bloody Mary). Through looking at the old portraits of Mary 1 I can up with this idea and composition.

Theses are just experiments at the moment- I'm thinking about the different uses of colour, however I think the colours I'm using here aren't quite there yet

 Brown Print
 Blue Print
 Black Print
 Yellow and Black- Plate printed twice on one piece of paper

Red and Brown- Plate printed twice on one piece of paper

Peel and Press Film for photo etching 

Etching Plate
I think I might experiement with chine colle for a different way to express colour, thoughts welcome 

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