Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Photo Etching

Last week I had a go at the print process of photo etching, my tests are below. The blue image is the photo film called 'press and peel' that I had my image print on too just through a laser printer, the image had to be inverted and bitmapped. After this the etching plate was prepared in the normal way, filed down and degreased- when the plate was ready the press and peel film with the image on it was applied to the etching plate by ironing it onto the plate- these took about 7 minutes to iron on for the best results- the film was then peeled off the plate and then the etching with the imprinted image was placed in the acid bath for 10 minutes. 

The black marks around my image are what I think are bubble marks, its very hard to prevent this- I think I need to experiment with how I place the film on the etching and how I iron it on the plate. 

Overall I'm happy with the process and how the image has turned out, some more successful than others but I suppose that's what its all about

This is the peel and press photo film

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3 (needed more pressure on the printing press)
Etching plate 1- only a few black marks

Etching plate 2- Lots of black marks- too many air bubbles when iron the photograph film onto the plate

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