Monday, 28 January 2013

Work in Progress- 'La Papessa'

This is a rough idea at the moment which I'd hoping to be produced with a combination of photo etching letter press and chine colle. The design is in a tarot card style which is commenting on the myth of Pope Joan, who is believed to be the first and only female pope.
This image is a response to a fairy tale I'm reading about an old woman who lives in a vinegar bottle, the old woman she gets granted various wishes from a fairy, however as she wishes to be pope; she ends up back in the vinegar bottle for being too greedy.
The pope crown is called a papal tiara and the word 'la papessa' is the feminine word for 'pope' in Italian.
The reasoning for a tarot card design is that to is believed to be the first records/ domination/ illustrations of Pope Joan.

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