Saturday, 26 January 2013

Etched Lino Experiments

Here are some experiments that I'm been doing this week in the print room; below are etched linos in caustic soda. I've had a few problems with the timings, but after my last two tests I think I've nearly cracked it. The caustic soda (and I mix wallpaper paste in with the solution as well) bites the lino and acts as an acid would in a traditional ecthing. I have also used stop out vanish and wax to act as a resist so the caustic soda does not react with the lino and prevents it getting etched. I was surprised with the results and am happy with the textures provided when printed. I find this process could add extra texture and interest to some of my lino cuts, now that I feel more confident with the process hopefully I'll be able to experiment more and have some more finished designs to present.... for now here are a few tests



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