Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Work so far for the Sam project

Theses are the etchings I did, however now I am thinking about changing the character, which I will do by etching into the mental plate that I've got (time consuming but resulting in proper print to display) or drop a new character into photo shop? Whichever I have more time for really

I think the etching that is most successful is the coloured one, as the colours seem to direct the eye more along the illustration, let me know what you think is attractive to look at



  1. Looks amazing Jess, I love his beard! While they're all great I personally prefer the black and white one =) x

  2. Maybe you could leave the Sam character as he is in the black and white picture but somehow make him colourful!
    Maybe you could make the bearded guy the Sam character instead? Well these are just some ideas, I know you feel like its a bit of a struggle? But I think the whole picture looks really good :]