Friday, 11 November 2011

First Ideas for children's book

My sentence is 'Emerged from the undergrowth and then..'

I started looking into the word 'undergrowth' and the different ways I could interpret it

The different meanings for undergrowth are-

1. Low-growing plants, saplings, and shrubs beneath trees in a forest.

2. A growth of short, fine hairs underlying the longer and thicker outer hairs of an animal's coat; underfur or under wool.

3. The condition of being less than fully grown.
With this is mind I came up with a character

The different scenes I have put the character in so far are
A forest full of under grown/ overgrown tree

In a child's under grown/overgrown hair- bird house is there (hair looks like a birds nest)

Character emerging from underground and appears in the undergrowth of the  forest, was deciding whether to put grave yards in?
And my favourite so far, character appearing from a farmers beard, surrounded by farm land and forests

The farmer character and his beard are really rough still
But just wanted to make sure that everyone understand what was happening and if the illustration goes with my sentence 'emeraging from the ungrowth' or not?
Its hard to see the character but his in the beard near the wind mill

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  1. Wow, Jess! You've done a ton of work already...its going to be gorgeous!