Monday, 10 October 2011

Second Year Work

I know I'm posting backwards here but I thought while I can't sleep I'll post some of my second year work

This is a piece that was called 'even odd numbers have countless fun' the concept behind this was that all of the illustrations are relating to an odd number (three legged dog, love triangle, three blind mice etc..)

This was the piece that got me into the print room and I never really left since!!! Done in lino

These are screen prints of a project that I did called 'pet problems'- the prints went really well and I was very happy with the end result, below are the just the illustations

And here are the illustration with their titles, the lettering is done with letter stamps and purple ink

This is my undermilkwood project, the first screen print that I ever did!!! 

After many MANY hours in the print room and many mistakes made this was produced 

I now understand how ambitious this was with my first screen print, however I think it's a good lesson to learn from your mistakes and with this project a lot was made!!!! 

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